The Demand For More

Nature and time around us will not change much. For instance, one day will still have 24 hours. Yet, for a lot of us living in the world today the necessity to do more in every single minute is only going to increase. We cannot even fathom world without mobile telephones or the Internet. Yes, work got done even in the past but without cutting-edge technology! It is also true that the world in the past was perhaps much less complicated. There were no crashing deadlines to meet and productivity simply meant that you got the job done.

Today however, an employee, a housewife, a business owner, a student, any kind of professional – well almost any human being – has to constantly face the need to do more with fewer resources and less time as well. Multitasking is therefore de rigueur. There is no getting away from the fact that for most people, staying connected is the way to go.

Even as technology changes to keep pace with the world that demands more an individual will certainly need to adopt smarter and different kinds of devices in order to ensure that he or she stays aware and stays informed. Wearable technology is one area which has helped in increasing productivity and connectedness in more ways than one.

The concept of wearable technology is very different from its traditional counterpart. Let me try and explain this with one facet. Take a wristwatch and a smart watch. Both are supposed to tell time. But, with a traditional wristwatch, all you can really do is enjoy time and date functionality. It is truly is a question of simply telling time. Whereas, a smartwatch, is a question of tapping into information. You really would not restrict the usage of the smartwatch to telling time!

What does this translate into?

Wearable technology, in all its forms, is capable of helping you face the incessantly accelerating need to do more with your time. Fitness tracking devices can help you get tuned to your body in an extremely helpful and efficient manner. The technology that goes into smartwatches can help to keep up with work related communications almost anywhere.

Yes, at the end of the day it is up to you to decide how you would like to use your wearable device. But, this freedom can also give you the confidence of the ability to deal with personal life and professional life at any time of your choosing. Wearable technology can help you be proactive when it comes to your health. There is this wonderfully illustrative representation of how one individual, Chris Dancy, uses technology for what it stands for – connectivity.

So go right ahead, take on more on your plate and achieve more of your goals and gain more control over your life. With the platform that wearable technology provides for you, the demand for more is something that should not be scary at all.


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