Change Is The Only Constant

When Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher spoke about change being the only constant, little did he know that it can be applied even to today’s buzzword – wearable technology. Wearable technology is coming up with new things almost every single day. At so many levels, wearables and the technologies that go into them are bringing about mega shifts in behavior.

Businesses and people have to deal with or undergo change at some point of time or the other and certainly, wearable technology can go an extremely long way in helping them deal with the same.

Take business organizations for instance. They make huge investments in understanding consumer behavior. The rise of professions such as customer experience psychologists and technologies like eye tracking devices help brands and businesses position themselves better. Business organizations are sure to use the data generated from wearable technology. But this has to be a relationship based on honesty and mutual respect. A brand has to demonstrate that it is actually listening to the customer through the use of specific wearable technology.

While the possibilities of the use of wearable technology to bring about change in customer behavior are endless, perhaps what is more interesting here is how an individual can use wearable technology of various kinds to bring about change in his own behavior.

Goals such as losing weight, reducing stress, kicking and unhealthy habit or even taking care of serious health issues – all can become important for any of us. We may turn to the ‘good old-fashioned’ systems of friends, family members, support groups and even mental determination; we can also use wearable technology to alter our behavior and our habits.

Take for instance the use of fitness bands. These simple wrist devices can help you and I keep track of the calories that we have consumed and the exercise that we have undertaken for the day. Club this with rewards that you give yourself for achievements and in no time whatsoever you would have hit that target weight.

Wearable technology is also an aware and ‘always on’ interface that we can enjoy. Imagine being able to curb or control your spending habits because a smart device beeps when you enter your favorite store and serves as a warning to watch out for unnecessary expenditure.

Here is Kate Hartman on the wonderful side of wearables!
Mood sensing wearables are extremely useful as well because it can give you a chance to get in touch with your own self in an even more meaningful manner. Everyday living can be so much more fulfilling simply because you are aware that a certain situation is causing you happiness or discomfort even before you have internalized your surroundings completely.

Wearable technology can also be about a deeper connection with the world around you. There is a fascinating story about how Jawbone users experienced disturbed sleep patterns just before the August earthquake in Napa.

Fascinating stories abound in the world of wearable technology when it comes to making the behavioral changes and these stories are likely to get bigger and more powerful as the days go by. Well, we did say the change is the only constant but it is going to be a constant that will continue to excite us in more ways than one.


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