The Delicious Apple

The apple has been associated with some pretty wonderful things. As a fruit, it comes in more than 7500 varieties. It has been associated with amazing health benefits. It can be baked into a pie and drunk as a juice. And it can be worn on your wrist! As much as I would like to wax eloquent about the fruity avatar of apple, what’s on everybody’s mind today is the Apple Watch – and that is delicious too!


Spring forward

In the botanical world, apple blossoms generally appear in spring and at the recently concluded Spring Forward event, Apple announced the breathlessly anticipated Apple Watch. There has been so much discussion on this event – pricing, applications, features and even what the future holds. There can be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the Apple Watch is going to drastically change the way we all tell time and use the ‘real estate’ on our wrist.  Living on Apple Time will see you enjoying the networked nature of time.

The tasty Apple

With typical attention to design and detail, Apple has put in a lot of effort into the making of the Apple Watch. A metal matrix composite process and work hardening have gone into making a beautiful Apple Gold Watch. Of course technology can look ever so alluring and this watch is testament to this fact in more ways than one.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away – well, not exactly

Apple Watch is also staying true to its promise of connected health. In order to help in the progress of diagnosis, Apple Watch has launched a framework called ResearchKit. It is capable of helping researchers collect immensely valuable data from the iPhone. The emphasis here is on the collection of objective data that can be used by doctors and diseases such as asthma, diabetes and Parkinson’s are already in focus here.

No worms inside

The Apple Watch is also going to change the way you make your payments. The world needs safer and even contactless payments. This function of the Apple Watch was demonstrated with the Apple Pay feature which kicks into action based on near field communications technology. Apple has employed a rather nifty technology for safety which will necessitate an authentication code from you when you slip on the device.


Fruit energy

Many discussions on smartwatches entail a focus on battery life. After all, you can not be constantly looking for a charging point for a device that you will use pretty intensively. As far as the battery life of the Apple Watch is concerned, you can expect a pretty healthy use because the company has made some very realistic predictions. Of course, a lot will depend on how intensively you will use your Apple Watch but you can get 72 hours with the Power Reserve mode.

The Apple Watch is enticing in more ways than one. Temptation, as far as wearable technology and smartwatches are concerned truly lies with Apple right now.


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