Cook Tech

There is this rather sweet little note that talks about the perfect ingredients of a dish. This note talks about love, patience, kindness, soul and all things sweet! If you, like me, love to cook, then you know that all those things apply in spades. And if I were to take a bit of a leap in my thought process I can also tell you that technology (yes, yes, the opposite of all emotions fuzzy) can be swirled into this exotic collection of ingredients too.

Cuisine and cooking is buffeted by time and fashion constantly. The fascinating science and art of molecular gastronomy allows people to explore and enjoy concepts such as transparent ravioli, beverages in frozen spheres and fruit caviar. A far cry from when soup was soup – liquid served in a bowl and not in a sphere, as can be done today! Changing the paradigm of cooking in today’s times is Wearable Technology. In more ways than one, wearables are changing the way chefs all over the world approach their craft.

Take the dazzling white coat that chefs wear. Ever wonder how it remains spotless even when they are amidst so much action – sizzling pans, bubbling cauldrons and flambé desserts? Maybe the coat is made of hydrophobic nanotechnology. The work done by Adrian Li, founder of Fabricor Workwear has resulted in a jacket which will simply scare stains away! His attention to all details is pretty powerful because he is a professional chef too!

Wearable Technology is something that can help chefs deal with injuries of various kinds too. What happens when a chef loses a hand or an arm in an accident? A prosthetic limb has to cater to all the delicate operations that a normal hand to perform. While there is plenty of work to be done in this regard, a strong start has been made in the case of Garcia.

Just a while ago, Chef Craig Harding harnessed the power of Wearable Technology in a very different manner when he decided to teach people how to cook using different devices. Now that’s neat indeed! Being able to take professional cooking lessons with a piece of technology as your assistant!

The possibilities are endless of course when it comes to Wearable Technology and cooking. Pairing your wrist device with the cooking pan will be able to tell you when it is time to give the contents a stir or maybe when the dish is done. It does not take away from any of the ingredients, including your hard work and creativity! Wearable Technology only enhances everything that you dream of when it comes to culinary chutzpah.



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