Being Smart About Valentine’s Day

Let me clarify before moving on – this is not an ‘advice column’ or help with being smart about:

• Buying romantic gifts for your Valentine
• Making the right moves to catch the eye of your crush
• Finding fabulous gifts at bargain prices or
• Even setting the right ambience to mark the special day of love.

Rather, for the next few minutes, I am simply going to talk about Wearable Technology and Valentine’s Day. For many, this is like oil and water. How can something so clear cut and precise such as technology ever mix with the turbulent emotion of love? Ah, this is where the smart comes in!


Wearable Technology is, if nothing else, smart. The smart is there in the watches, clothing, jewelry, glasses, phones and even implantable chips that surround us. So forget the roses, chocolates and the romantic dinner for two. Or maybe use them as a ‘warm up act’ to the actual gifting of Wearable Technology.

Gemstone studded jewelry is all very fine but for a completely unique touch go with one of the smart bracelets out there. You can get gifts as diverse as smart rings, cuffs and pendants. The wrist is an eloquent space on the human body especially when it can be adorned by ever so stylish stuff like smartwatches, Elemoon, MICA or a Cuff. Yes, there is a different kind of Wearable Technology for him – the Leatherman Tread.

Want to make it fiery hot and intimate this Valentine’s Day? Let your clothes mirror your emotions. Have you ever thought about the choices you make when it comes to the men in your life? Why not let Wearable Technology lend a helping hand or should we say clasp? One truly naughty product comes from the house of Ravijour! There is Wearable Technology spicing up partner toys galore.

Smartwatches alone offer such a huge range of accessories. Big names such as Samsung, Apple and Withings are not only active but also changing the industry every single day! The added advantage of getting a smartwatch for your love? He can never ever say that he missed a call or a notification from you. Of course that is not to meant to sound in the least bit obsessive.

After all this, if you are still bent upon going the roses and chocolates way, at least let a smartwatch help you out here. One of the apps on Android Wear is Todoist which will help you find a florist based on GPS location – yours and the florist shop’s!

Tech is the rage, the passion, the romance of the modern times. So, even if you have chocolates and champagne going, a device on your wrist can tell you how many calories it all amounts to and some piece of smart clothing will probably tell you whether it is right to ditch the inhibitions. Now that’s what I call digital delight.

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!


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