The Ubiquitous Robot

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari Inc, said, “I just want the future to happen faster. I cannot imagine the future without robots.” In the recent past there has been enough discussion and debate and practical applications of robotics. The world is really waking up to the fact that robots perhaps can be everywhere and can do everything. So, it should not really surprise us that a little green robot is already front and center is it not?

Indeed, when one talks about Android, the chances are pretty high that you are using a product that runs on this mobile operating system. The popularity of this operating system can be felt by the fact that wearable technology has changed immensely and for the better, with the introduction of Google’s Android Wear. Designed specifically for wearable technology, Google’s operating system is all about allowing people to use their smart watch in some extremely fascinating ways.


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The faith in the robot
It is pretty apparent that Android Wear has attracted the best of names in the business. The big guns that have put their faith in this platform are:

• Motorola
• LG
• Samsung
• Sony and
• HTC to name just a few.

There are plenty of app developers who have also signed on for Android Wear.

The shapes of the robot
One of the most interesting aspects of this Android Wear world is the fact that smart watches are coming up with every possible shape that you can imagine – rectangular, round and square. So, if the Moto 360 is a perfect circle, then the Sony SmartWatch is a square. The ASUS ZenWatch is a rather sleek rectangular looking watch. So, you can easily choose the kind of shape that you like best when it comes to your smartwatches.

The applications of the robot
Almost every day, there is a list of applications that are available as far as Android Wear is concerned. These applications allow you to enjoy some of the best features possible on your smartwatch. You have multiple watch faces, including popular games such as Plants vs Zombies! You can also choose something like InstaWeather which allows you to check on the weather. Whether it is watch faces inspired by Disney or something as exotic as Amber Locke’s veg art – you can find them all in the Android world.

The robot moves with you
One of the biggest promises that the world of Android Wear is set to deliver is the fact that information can move with the wearable technology user. Imagine having all kinds of information on your wrist. Location sensitive information, information on beaches and even notifications thanks to Google Now – all made possible because of the smart watch on your wrist. Of course, it can help you with your fitness goals as well!

Truly, wearable technology is one world that is fascinating because it is constantly changing. Big names such as Google and Android Wear are making it possible for every individual to enjoy information like never before. And if the future belongs to the green robot – then we really should not be too surprised now right?


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