The Beautiful, Big Apple Watch

Depending on your point of view, it takes a Big Bang, The Creator or God, a golden embryo or a lotus and a certain time frame to create the world or the universe! As interesting as mythology and science is when it comes to talking about the creation of the world as we know it, today, we must devote space to technology and the world that it creates.

Think of one company that has consistently created fascinating worlds of technology, that has changed the way the tech industry functions. Whether it was thinking of graphical user interface when the world had not heard of it or thinking of PDAs and touch screens – this company has taken huge risks and made mind boggling innovation par for the course.

As the world’s most valuable brand, this company – Apple – has proved that it can create an ecosystem of powerful technology and people will live in it happily ever after. Much as we would love to talk about the various delightful Apple products, we must focus attention on the Apple Watch. Anticipation of the highest order accompanies all talk of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is also going to inspire a huge following and perhaps more importantly will prove to be a game changer as far as the wearable technology space is concerned. The recently concluded CES 2015 had a staggering number of wrist wearables. Whether it was smartwatches or fitness trackers there was such a large number of devices. One has to wonder how many of these devices will stand the advent of the Apple Watch!

So why are we waxing eloquent on this device? For one, take the world of applications itself. The Apple Watch may be manageable with a companion application for iPhone. From customizable clock faces to monitoring stock activity, this application seems to hold out the promise of a lot of things. Another reason why a specific application for the Apple Watch is causing such a buzz in the market is because of the release of iOS 8.2 beta.

One more interesting feature of this watch will be the Digital Crown which will allow you to interact with the watch via a mechanical wheel. A new taptic engine will also allow users to interact in a very interesting manner with other users and enjoy better mapping experience as well. NFC is going to make the Apple Watch compatible with Apple Pay. This is to be expected indeed because after all, it is the ‘Apple World’ that we are talking about!

Compatibility with different iPhones is another point of interest and current speculation includes compatibility with the latest models of iPhone such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to name just a couple. Apple has also earned a second patent for converting displays into speakers. Imagine then the application of this technology that could make the Apple Watch into a device that delivers spoken information to its users.

An additional interesting aspect of this Apple Watch will be the number of ‘non-Apple’ applications that will come on board. Social messaging and news applications that find their way onto the Apple Watch will be breaking new ground as well. So, truly, the buzz around the introduction of the Apple Watch is completely justified is it not?

Creating a new world, I guess, then truly comes down to innovation in the world of technology and the pinnacle of such innovation simply happens to be the Apple Watch today.


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