Smartwatches And Some Amazing Tech At CES 2015

For sure, CES 2015 was a massive showcase for some fabulous smartwatches. From the Lenovo Vibe Band VB10, the three smartwatches introduced by Garmin and the Alcatel OneWatch – this event was truly a mecca for smartwatch lovers. There was also so much more on display at CES 2015 when it came to wearable tech – devices, services and technology itself.

The term wearable technology has come to be associated pretty strongly with smartwatches and CES 2015 showcased some new names in this space. Lenovo came up with its first wearable – the Vibe Band VB10. Misfit came up with a luxury model of its activity tracker in association with Swarovski. Of course, there were many others too.

One company that has introduced a slew of SoCs or system on chip is MediaTek. MediaTek is known for its technology in the realm of mobile chip making and with its new SoCs, it can provide massive support for smart televisions and Android Wear devices as well.

Intel has been in the forefront of things when it comes to wearable devices and the Curie chip consolidates this company’s position. Imagine a computing device that is the size of a button!

3D printing became uber stylish with Scanify – a gadget that promises a 3D scan in 1/10th of a second. The scanned information can then be used by 3D printing software.

While wrist based activity and fitness trackers are a rage, there is also the AmpStrip which is a ‘stickable’ tracker! You can stick it to your torso and simply replace the same every 7 days. One thing for sure, it is less visible as activity trackers go.

The wearable technology world is showing quite a few alliances between different brands and cross platform support and one revelation of this cross platform technology was BlackBerry introducing BBM for Android Wear.

Virtual reality had companies such as Oculus Rift, Samsung and Sony holding out the possibility of some more devices and technologies to come. Maybe it is going to be all about customizable displays and notifications too.


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Heart rate monitors are a pretty popular category when it comes to wearable technology and even though the market is pretty fluid, devices such as Microsoft Band, Jawbone and Basis Peak will make massive changes in this sector.

Wearable technology is a hugely interesting ‘industry’ simply because it is characterized by so many vendors, devices, technologies and rapid innovation. And by the time CES 2016 rolls around, we would have seen a bigger range of products make the scene too.


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