Et Al

There are few of us who shine brightly under the spotlight and a few of us who do not! A few movie stars are better known than the others. It is simply a question of being more prominent isn’t it? Even the world is smart watches therefore, there are few like Apple Watch, Android Wear and Samsung and even the latest entry from Microsoft that seemed to hold sway.

But what of the others?

There are established watch brands that are doing some pretty interesting things when it comes to the smartwatch segment. Interestingly enough, not all their creations are ‘typical’. Smartwatches can indeed go beyond simply being connected to your smart phone and here is taking a look at some of ‘the others’ who are doing smart work!

A while ago, Swatch announced its plans to come up with Swatch Touch. This company has been a pioneer in quite a few technologies such as the integrated GSM and pager functionality. With the Swatch Touch Liquid Metal and Swatch Touch, the company is planning to bring about watches which integrate Bluetooth, fitness measures and even operate the camera on a smart phone.

An interesting collaboration that can mean a very contemporary smartwatch is unfolding between Diesel and Samsung. The irreverent energy and sophistication of Diesel, specifically Diesel Black Gold, has come together with Samsung Gear S. In all honesty, there seem to be a few chinks to iron out perhaps but this product is attention worthy!


TAG Heuer, now an LMVH company, has had massive experience with coming up with a smartwatch with its Aquaracer Calibre 72. But in today’s scenario, the company is getting set to announce its clutch of smart watches sometime in the first half of 2015. What we can look forward to, if we were to go by Jean-Claude Biver, is a collection of watches which is in the best price range possible.

Timex and its Ironman One GPS+ is a result of a partnership with Qualcomm and AT&T. This fabulous looking machine is, primarily, a feature packed fitness device that can also give you stand alone wireless cellular connectivity. Bluetooth speakers and ‘phone free’ messaging also make this device extraordinary. Given the partnership with AT&T, users of this smartwatch can look forward to a lot of data connectivity plans as well.

Intel has always been in the thick of things as far as wearable technology is concerned and for smartwatches, this company has tied up with Fossil. Consider the fact that Fossil makes licensed watches for a whole bunch of international brands and you know that its partnership with Intel could result in some extraordinary smartwatches. And even though Intel has its own smartwatch, its alliance with Fossil could result in a more stylish and feature packed offering.

I am also sure that there are many other companies that are going to come up and add to the ‘et al’ part of the smart watch segment. Well, more power to all of them I say! After all, shouldn’t everyone have plenty when it comes to smart choices?


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