The Third Dimension To Prosthetics

One of the biggest advantages offered by Wearable Technology is its functionality. Buying a smartwatch because it is à la mode maybe as good a reason as any, but you also know that your smartwatch is going to help you communicate in a much more productive manner. Again, buying a fitness band is not just about looking cool in the gym but also about getting more out of your workout and your day itself.

So, when one talks about functionality of wearable technology, then one would not be exaggerating to state that it can indeed give you an arm and a leg in terms of support. You can take that statement literally because the powerful combination of 3-D printing and wearable technology is allowing people to wear prosthetics.



The world is full of people like Hayley Fraser, Leon McCarthy, Pat Starace and so many others who are either benefiting from or are creating prosthetics made with 3-D printers. This is indeed an amazing development because it allows almost anybody to enhance their mobility with just a 3-D printer at home.

Take the work being done by organizations like e-NABLE and Limbitless Solutions. e-NABLE is working with a diverse ecosystem in order to be able to bring prosthetics to many who need it. Perhaps the most comforting aspect of using technology such as 3-D printing to develop prosthetics is the cost effectiveness of it all.

Read the story of Alex Pring whose family simply could not afford a prosthetic limb. But when a group of students at the University of Central Florida put their brains together, they came up with a prosthetic arm that cost a mere $350. Now, is that not a story to warm the cockles of your heart?
Agreed, that 3-D printing may not have all the solutions when it comes to prosthetics. But it has indeed changed the lives of many people who are leading every day in a much better manner.

It is also a mark of remarkable strength that 3-D printer prosthetics is a testament to going from tragedy to creativity. Natasha Hope-Simpson lost her leg to an accident and eventually connected with Thinking Robot Studios to create a leg which drew inspiration from another 3-D printed product – a mask!

Loss of limbs can happen; unfortunately; to anybody and at any time. But, there are quite a few answers available in the world of 3-D printing. And perhaps this is truly astounding. Just the fact that there is hope for little children, adults, soldiers, and even pets – this is truly the mark of what a human brain can achieve when it is supported by technology.


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