Wearing Weirdness

If you were to ask a truly ‘traditional person’ then probably all wearable technology is weird! Why on earth would you want to strap a brain sensing headband just to go to sleep? Or, why do you want a smartwatch that tells you that you have a phone call? Would your smartphone not be able to tell you the same? Well, come to think of it, it is indeed amazing how we have all taken to wearable technology even though some of it can be pretty weird!

Take Ping for instance. This hoodie allows you to connect to your social networks. Simply by lowering and raising the hood, you can update your status messages on Facebook. Dressing for accessing the world at large can take on some funny dimensions indeed!

1Are you the kind of reader who wants to drown in a deluge of words? Your bibliophilic tendencies can be completely pampered with Sensory Fiction. You have to wear a vest while reading an augmented book and the vest and the book will mimic the protagonist’s emotions. Who ever said good old-fashioned reading is dead?


Worried about digital security? Take a chill pill, literally! The computer pill made by Proteus Digital Health is all about swallowing a pill which then makes an 18-bit code for authentication. If wearable computing is the next big thing, then perhaps ingestible Internet is not far away either!

wearable technology

Getting all emotional about technology takes on a new dimension because there are products like Cadbury Joy Jacket and Ger Mood Sweater out there. Maybe you could wear emotion sensing wearables on a first date and ward off any further contact by pressing a few buttons?


I love animals so the thought of wearing cat ears should not freak me out, right? But I truly wonder who will walk around with Necomimi brainwave cat ears. They come in a variety of colors and furs so you are sure to find something that resonates with you. What is next? Learning the world of technology like a cat would?


The amazing creativity that you can see in wearable technology makes it even more interesting. There are plenty of devices that can bemuse most people. But one thing you can be sure of, you could never accuse wearable technology of being boring!

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