Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

With due apologies to Eurythmics, their iconic song will have to be rewritten thus:

Sweet dreams are made of these
Sensors and wearable technology
How can anyone disagree
Apps and devices help me sleep

While there are many things that wearable technology can do for all of us on an everyday basis, it seems like sleep tracking is one of the most popular categories. Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. To wake up refreshed and ready to face the world – this is conceivable only when you have had a good number of hours of high-quality sleep.


But sometimes, this is simply not possible in the natural way. The day’s stress, problems such as insomnia or even living in a noisy neighborhood – all of this and more can conspire deeply against your relationship with your bed and pillow.

There are plenty of companies doing a lot of immense work in sleep tracking technology. You also have choices of different kinds of devices. There are some that you can strap onto your wrist. Or you can choose an eye mask. You could also look at smart clothing that helps you sleep better.

There are also devices such as be ResMed S+ which can be placed on your bedside table. This device works with a variety of sensors which are able to record your sleep patterns and also the environment in your bedroom. This simply means that you can look at all the data on your smart phone and figure out which ambient temperature was the most comfortable for your body.

The Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask takes it a step higher by giving you the chance to achieve what is known as a lucid dream state. Imagine being able to control your dreams and ensuring that only the most pleasant images keep you company while you sleep. No more dreams about being chased by wild animals or other scary stuff!


It is not just about sleeping alone. Good health can also result from waking up at the right time. One of the technologies that you can look at in this category is known as the EASYWAKEme alarm clock. This ensures that you are woken up either at the end of a REM phase or at the beginning of the same. It simply means that you not wake up feeling groggy and tired.

Other companies that are doing some fabulously interesting work in this space are Zeo, Fatique Science, Somnus and ActiGraph. Sensor headbands and smart shirts go a very long way in helping assess your sleep patterns. Beddit has an interesting device that you can place between your sheets. Of course, the well established names such as Jawbone, Misfit and FitBit also offer this functionality with their wrist devices and clips.

Even a sleeping individual can go through plenty of stuff! Bad dreams, sleep apnea in some cases, poor postures and teeth gnashing – all of which may well be a thing of the past with the advances that wearable technology is making. So, the next time someone says ‘sweet dreams and good night’ you know that you can take them literally because you have the latest wearable tech in your bedroom.


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