Smartiplex On YouTube

For all of you who connect with us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and our website itself, we have some great news! Smartiplex is now on YouTube as well.

We have begun our journey on reviewing Wearable Tech with the Phosphor Touch Time Digital Watch, Martian Victory Smart Watch and the Gucci iGucci Sport Watch. Three very different watches indeed!

So, if you love the subtle size of the Phosphor, you will also like the fact that you can see the date display in different ways! This is a basic but nice watch to have around for its multiple functions.

Phosphor Watch

The Martian Victory Smart Watch is a futuristic looking watch. It comes in other colors too – though you can see the black one being reviewed. Voice activated commands including phone calls is something that this phone offers.

Martian Victory Smart Watch


The Gucci iGucci Sport Watch will take your breath away with its sporty detailing. It has plenty of functions to offer too. A pedometer is a handy thing to use everyday right?


Gucci iGucci Sport Watch

Stay connected with us on YouTube! Given the exciting world of Wearable Technology – you know there is plenty more to come. As always, do give us your feedback so we continue to engage in a meaningful conversation with you.


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