Starry Starry Tech

The other day I was fooling around on an iPad and discovered that one of the applications that was available to me was Hanx Writer. It is not that I do a lot of typing but, come on, it was a creation associated with Tom Hanks. And everybody (read me) loves Tom Hanks right?

Well, this story, unfortunately is not about Tom Hanks but about the fascinating concept of celebrities getting into wearable technology. There was a time when you would associate elite athletes, Hollywood personalities and other stars with products such as perfumes, wristwatches and so on. But today, it seems like they are doing a lot of ‘nerdy things’ as well!

Katy Perry

LED seems to be the glitter of choice for stars such as Will.I.Am and Rihanna. One of the people who is lighting up the celebrities, literally, is Moritz Waldemeyer. Whether it is the famous Twitter dress worn by Nicole Scherzinger for a gadget show or the fabulous tech accessories worn by Imogen Heap at the Grammys – celebrities are indeed taking to tech in interesting ways.

Imogen Heap

It is not just smart fashion that is ruling the world of celebrities on wearable tech. There is also Shaquille O’Neal who has put his formidable presence behind FitBit. Apparently he loves Google Glass as well! For the 7 ft 1 in Shaquille, that would be like getting a bird’s eye view of the world around him!

Many athletes are turning to wearable technology to up their performance levels. For instance, Canadian Justine Dufour-Lapointe and her sister Chloe Dufour-Lapointe who won gold and silver in the moguls event in freestyle skiing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics wore Hexoskin shirts. These garments are capable of monitoring heart rates, breathing rates and G forces as well.


Would there be a time when more and more celebrities throw their weight behind wearable technology? Would Robert Downey Jr bring out a smart helmet such as the one that he wears in Iron Man? Maybe Tom Cruise then would come up with glasses that can store a lot of information? Or how about Angelina Jolie creating a skintight Lara Croft costume that can monitor all the vital signs of the body?

Jewelry, footwear, smart watches, other wearable devices – they can all be celebrities in our daily lives in any case. And when they are combined with the star power of people like Tom Hanks and elite athletes – you know you have a good thing going!


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