Alfred Dunhill And Wearable Technology

One of the most fascinating trends in Wearable Technology is the fact that fashion brands are getting into the space. And what is even more fascinating is the fact that it is not just the new kids on the block but well established and long-standing fashion houses that are doing a lot to change the way Wearable Technology is used by people. One such brand is Alfred Dunhill.

Alfred Dunhill has been around since the year 1893. Known best for being a British luxury brand, this company has used technology to bring about products such as headphones, portable chargers, laser projector keyboard, solar chargers and mini stereo speakers. But indeed, it is their biometric wallet that has us most enchanted!

This super Fortress of a wallet comes equipped with an RFID transmitter and Bluetooth connectivity. It can be opened only by the fingerprint of its owner, thanks to its biometric scanner. Considering the fact that people will use their wallets to store all important possessions, this kind of security is very welcome indeed.


Biometric Wallet

It is a pretty neat looking wallet as well so you should not have too much difficulty carrying it around! Yes, to be fair, you may need to cater for its extra heft but in the long run you may find that it is completely worth it because it protects your money, credit cards and everything else that you consider valuable.

The interesting feature of this biometric wallet is the fact that it will alert your phone via an alarm if it is separated beyond a range of 5 yards or 4.5 meters. This is a very useful feature because if your wallet is pinched, then you will come to know of it immediately. And since it is built with an extremely tough carbon fiber shell, it will take a long time for somebody to muscle their way into the wallet. Hopefully, within this timeframe you would have cancelled all your credit cards.

Another reason why we’re talking about Alfred Dunhill in this space is because of the Avorities Solar Panel Bag. Of course it looks good – after all it has the Dunhill name behind it. More importantly, this bag can help charge your portable electronics. There are also iPod holes on some of the models. While details on this particular product are a little sketchy, it is indeed something to look forward to for lovers of the Dunhill brand.


Avorities Bag

Actually, we really should not be too surprised that Alfred Dunhill has got into the space of Wearable Technology. After all, wasn’t Dunhill associated with Dr.No? (hint – Dunhill gave Sean Connery his gunmetal cigarette lighter for the movie). And everybody knows that glamorous Wearable Technology is truly portrayed the best in James Bond movies!


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