What Women Want With Wearables

Fashionistas, career women, young girls, housewives, stay at home moms – regardless of the woman in question – they can be a pretty difficult market to; well; market to. So in this era of wearable technology, geeky glasses and clunky clothes are just not going to cut it. Simple thing – while a man can put his gadgets and gizmos in his pockets, a woman will find it more useful to put them into her handbag. So what do women want? Everything and then some!

What women want

It is indeed interesting to note that there are plenty of women on the ‘production’ side of things. Whether it is Intel’s Renee James and Debjani Ghosh or nail artist Kristina Ortega or even designers – Natalia Allen and Tory Burch– they are bringing a unique mix of business vision and feminine sensibilities into wearable technology. Why else would Apple hire Angela Ahrendts, ex-Burberry, if not for upping the fashion quotient? Well, that may be a limited view but for sure, it is going to be one of the capabilities she brings to the table.

So what are the products that are; ever so delightfully, aimed at the female tech wearer? One interesting wearable is Ringly. Fascinating looking rings made of gemstones (and named ever so romantically too) – they can notify their wearers of text messages or phone calls. Imagine wearing a ring called Daydream made of rainbow moonstone. And if you are wondering where a Ringly equipped woman would put her phone? Well, there is the Everpurse of course. It doubles as a phone charger!


Perhaps one marked difference in wearable technology for women is the fact that designers approach it from the ‘form first’ angle! So a bracelet has to look good first. And within its folds, it can contain Bluetooth, sensors and what have you. So, yes, it is a piece of tech but it does not have to look like it! And one category of wearable technology device that totally justifies this approach is the wrist wearables.

Earlier, we had talked about the MICA, Intel’s bracelet and the MEMI which comes in gold and silver options. Burch and Fitbit have made fitness bracelets ever so cool looking. Case Mate and Rebecca Minkoff have created chic bracelets which can notify their wearers too. It’s not all about notifications either. Cuff can also be used to send alert messages should the woman find herself in dangerous situations. There are also necklaces such as the Misfit Shine which looks nothing like a fitness gadget!

Tech jewelry

Wearable technology for women is also seeing a lot of alliances between fashion and jewelry designers and techies or tech companies. For instance, Cellini has teamed up with CSR to create Bluetooth jewelry. There is also the partnership between the fashion brand EZIO and Christian Stammbach that aims at creating smart jewelry. Nails can quickly become smart as well thanks to the work being done by Jenny Rodenhouse and Kristina Ortega who are looking at creating nails embedded with LED.

Of course there is plenty more to come. There are products that come in the form of necklaces and footwear. But one thing for sure, perhaps women have better choices when it comes to wearable technology! Simply because a woman can be totally unabashed in demanding wearable technology that performs flawlessly and that looks fabulous as well.


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