Digital Labor

Among many other things, wearable technology is going to change the way human beings work. The very fact that wearable technology is capable of providing its wearer with immense amount of information, which is easily collected, means that it will reduce human intervention. Simple thing – at one point of time you may have had to stop to ask for directions. But today, you simply have to pull up your map application on your smart phone and discover various choices about how to get to your destination!

There is no doubt that wearable technology is a disruptive technology. Its effect is being felt well beyond the IT domain. Whether it is personal or professional domains, wearable technology is going to bring about a huge reduction in manual labor and human intervention. A study done by Gartner states that the emergence of smart machines will eliminate the need for human beings in the processing and decision making effort.

Digital Labor

This is a good thing in many ways. It frees up a human being to concentrate on more creative work rather than something as simple as data collection and processing. For instance, the question of “how to generate data” is best answered by the complex human brain. But once the method has been established, you can leave it to devices such as Google Glass or some other wearable to collect this data and process the same.

Wearable technology can reduce dependence on human intervention in many ways. For instance, after the gruesome murder of a human rights worker in Chechnya, the Swedish organization, Civil Rights Defenders have given their workers a bracelet that can help pinpoint their location. Law enforcement agencies can tap into a global database of criminals with the right kind of wearable technology.

A Doctor can collect vital data from any patient anywhere with the help of wearable technology. So, why would he wait for other people to bring him printed copies of reports and scans? Yes, there can be no taking away the fact that ultimately it is the doctor’s diagnosis that will help a patient. But when wearable technology can help in collecting information, he can concentrate even more on his diagnostic prowess is it not?

Doctor with WT

Wearable technology also has the power to change economies. No, this is not a reach. With reducing need for human intervention, governments and business organizations will need to rethink their digital labor and human labor policies. After all, with wearable technology, a business owner will need to rethink his security policies and strike a balance between investment on technology and investment in workforce.

Undoubtedly, wearable technology is the way of the future and one of the things that it is going to bring along is a massive reduction in human intervention at many levels. This can only mean that human civilization has an unprecedented opportunity to invest more time and effort into developmental activities.


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