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Of course you would expect watch companies to keep up with the times! And today is the time for wearable technology. Many a watch company is getting into this arena. Tying up with established tech companies, innovating phenomenally and even getting into new areas like fitness – it’s all happening in the world of watches. While there are plenty of watch brands that are doing something new, here is taking a look at TAG Heuer and Garmin.

Wrist wearables

TAG Heuer is getting into the smart watch bracket and there has been plenty of news in the recent past about this company’s plans. Garmin is getting into the fitness sector with its wearable strategy. It is also interesting to note that even though the latter has been in the wearables space for a long time, it is beginning to do more things as far as delivering extra functionality on its devices is concerned.

In a recent interview, Jean Claude Biver, the LVMH watch business head stated that TAG Heuer did want to launch a smart watch but not do a copy of the Apple watch. So, what can we expect with a smart watch that carries the tag of TAG Heuer? Plenty of style for one because after all, this brand holds a significant market share of luxury watches.

Interestingly enough, the Swiss watch industry is not too worried about the growth of smart watches. But, classic watches may need to smarten up; in more ways than one; if they have to keep up with changing customer preferences. This seems to be the Swiss brand that is pioneering an alliance with wearable technology.

TAG Heuer

Perhaps it is not completely true to state that TAG Heuer is getting into the smart watch segment only now. After all, its Aquaracer 72 was a watch created specifically for the sailing team of Oracle. This watch had the capacity to generate a bunch of digital data that could be used by the sail team.

One may wonder whether the company’s interest in wearables was ignited by the move of its Vice President of sales, Patrick Pruniaux who; ironically perhaps; has joined Apple! Regardless of the reason why this brand is interested in wearable technology, it is going to change and up the fashion caution of technology that could otherwise simply be geeky!

Garmin is making the most news because of its open platform called Connect IQ. This platform allows third-party developers to create applications for the company’s products based on wearable technology. Garmin as a brand is associated quite strongly with GPS functionality. Small wonder then that its wearable technology products are aimed at delivering functionalities such as maps and support for various outdoor and fitness activities.

If one were to talk about wearable technology for the individual, then Garmin is making the most waves with its vivofit fitness tracker and its vivosmart band as well. Through its partnership with The Biggest Loser, Garmin is all set to get people to enjoy better fitness metrics. Perhaps the biggest selling points of Garmin and its wearable is battery life. Lower power consumption and better battery life are going to be attractive propositions for users.



By opening up its platform to third-party developers, this watch company has opened itself up to the possibility of creating a more engaging relationship with its customers. Applications, widgets, watch faces and even personalized fitness experiences – are all possible with a Garmin device on your wrist.

One thing for sure, both Garmin and TAG Heuer are developing their devices with a firm eye on fashion! Devices that look good and promise immense amount of functionality are indeed the way of the future as far as wearable technology is concerned. It would therefore be completely worth it to watch what is happening as far as these two brands are concerned.


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