Making It Wearable – The Intel Story

Intel, a company established in 1968, is showing why it is still a valued and ‘with it’ brand. Of late, the company has got into wearable technology with a vengeance! At the forefront of things, Intel has truly led from the front with its Make It Wearable global initiative. Here’s looking at what makes Intel Inside an iconic tagline in today’s world.

Intel WT

The world at large is turning to wearable technology. This smart technology is capable of doing some extraordinary things. For Intel, it represents new alliances, new ideas and some splendid innovation. Start with its super interesting Make It Wearable campaign. In its keynote presentation at CES this year, Intel and its Chief Executive Brian Krzanich unveiled the Make It Wearable challenge. This initiative is all about getting people to think of extraordinary concepts of wearable technology.

Intel has also made a mark in wrist wearables with its announcement of MICA – My Intelligent Communication Accessory. A smart bracelet, this accessory is capable of alerting its wearer about text messages and other notifications. And a lady need not worry about looking geeky, because this bracelet looks ever so dashing.

Intel MICA

Speaking of wrist wearables, Intel has partnered up with Fossil Group; known for its innovative fashion accessories. The alliance between the two will also identify emerging trends in the wearable technology space. Intel has also acquired Basis Science and speculation is that the acquisition went through at a cost of $100 million. Basis Science is a name to reckon with when it comes to wearables for health applications. Speaking of health, Intel has also done its part in the treatment of Parkinson’s by tying up with The Michael J.Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. This partnership would see the development of wearables for monitoring the disease.

Intel also has the Edison chip. This dual-core 22 nm, SD card sized chip is based on Intel Quark technology and offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Imagine the possibilities of using this chip in wearables. Intel has demonstrated this chip’s functionality with the Mimo Baby product line. Somewhere in the future there is also an Intel smartshirt which can monitor many health parameters.

Intel smartshirt

Putting the intelligence inside wearable devices should come easy for a company like Intel! And this is one of the biggest reasons why it should be extraordinarily interesting to follow Intel doggedly.



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