Give Us Your Wrists And We Will Give You The World!

Some really big battles are being fought for space on your wrist! There are awesome gadgets coming out in the marketplace almost every day. Whether it is the latest Apple Watch or fitness bands from various companies, the wrist is where everything is happening! The different brands and devices in this market space are promising some extraordinary unique and powerful features. Indeed, you can control your world and the world at large with a smorgasbord of wrist devices.

wrist wearables

Smartwatches are one of the more important categories here. There is also a bit of an ‘amalgamation’, so to speak, between fitness devices and watches. This space is filled with exciting gadgets. Of course, the Apple Watch is the new kid on the block. But other devices in this space include Garmin and Suunto. There is also Pebble, Misfit, Timex, Intel, Samsung and Sony. There are also the lesser known players such as Martian Notifier and Neptune Pine. Of course, there are plenty more where this list came from. After all, according to one Gartner study, 40% of all wrist based devices will come from the category of wearable technology.

Companies are doing different things to differentiate their offerings. Garmin is talking about opening up its smartwatches to third party developers. Its new SDK called Connect IQ will enable developers to create apps and widgets tailor made for smartwatches. Suunto is most famous for its Connected Family and Ambit3 which is all about sports and adventure. Speaking about apps, Pebble has around 3000 apps. Samsung Galaxy Watch also has apps within its ecosystem. Pebble and Misfit have got into an alliance which now enhances Pebble’s capabilities.

Luxury wrist fashion is another hugely popular category of wrist wearables. And even a venerable company such as Intel is getting in on the action here. Called MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory), this luxury bracelet looks uber chic and also helps smooth your communications to a large extent. Fitness devices are also becoming “jewelry like”, if the alliance between Fitbit and Tory Birch is anything to go by. There is also the MEMI which is a smartbracelet compatible with the iPhone.


Fitness gadgets are a huge selling point in wrist wearables. While quite a few smartwatches have fitness capabilities, there are devices such as Jawbone, Fitbit, Samsung Gear Fit and Nike+Sportband as well. This is an extremely exciting category of wrist wearables because it allows all of us to do so much more with our fitness routine. Simply slip on a beautiful looking wrist wearable and max your workout. Being smart about fitness is such a nice thing to do is it not?

Indubitably, wrist wearables are a hugely interesting arena to be in. As a consumer, you are going to be completely spoilt for choice – smartwatches which pair with your smart phone, standalone smartwatches, fitness devices and even good old fashioned analog wristwatches – they are all waiting for you. Not in the palm of your hand but on your wrist – that’s where the world awaits.



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