Apple Time

Going back just a bit in time first – there is a scene in Forrest Gump which shows Hanks (Gump) opening a letter from Apple, the company. He goes on to say that his business partner in the movie, Lieutenant Dan, had invested in ‘some kind of fruit company’. Well, if people had gone the Gump way in real life and invested in Apple years ago, their investments would be in the realm of billions by now! Depending on the number of shares of course. Apple has been an amazing story. Love it or hate it, no one can ignore Apple.

And the latest in their lineup of temptation-filled products is the Apple Watch. As always, the design lines on this watch are sensuous. From the tech to the physical aspects, the Apple watch is offering multiple straps, changeable interfaces, smarter charging system and slew of apps and features. So, what are the other features and functions that this watch offers? Here are a few things that caught our attention almost immediately.


Apple Watch


It is way more than a watch. It will give wearers a chance to connect with each other and the world at large in different ways. Imagine being able to send a sketch to someone by simply doodling on this watch! This watch will also integrate you even more with the Apple world itself. Most of its features work in conjunction with the iPhone. So, among many other things, you can enjoy the friendly Siri on the watch. You can also enjoy email, calendar and other iPhone apps. There is also Apple Pay which is positioned to change the face of virtual wallets.

Apps such as Facebook and Twitter can also be accessed with the Watch. Then there is the exciting new feature called digital touch. You can share all kinds of information with other Apple Watch users. You can use the Apple watch to function as a remote control for music playing on other Apple devices.One of the biggest features of this watch is its ability to monitor your health. The rear of the watch has 4 LED sensors that will check your heart rate. You can also enjoy using many health apps and enjoy a smarter way to monitor your activity levels.

Now, how much of this is viewer-friendly – that remains to be seen. This is simply because of the size of the screen. It is a watch, after all! A smart watch, yes, but the real estate of the screen will dictate how comfortable you are with checking your FB messages or even your email! But for everything else, Apple has put more power in your wrist and taken the watch into another dimension altogether.


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