Who’s Who in Wearable

Chances are that you will think of Google Glass when talking about wearable technology. Which is fine because after all Google seems to be an omnipresent entity where technology is concerned! Of course, you may also know about Samsung and Fitbit. But what about an Intel or an Epson? Maybe a Motorola too? All of them big names right? But what about a Wellograph or a reQall and Sensoree? All of them and many more are changing the way you think about wearables in conjunction with technology.

I started thinking about all the names in this space simply because I read about Professor Sandy Pentland and his appointment as strategic product advisor to reQall. For a person who is intrigued and interested by everything wearable and technical, I know that reQall is doing some amazing things when it comes to wearable devices.

Prof.Pentland, founder of MIT Media Lab, represents what is so exciting about the science of data. After all, wearable technology is going to be the next big data frontier for companies to conquer.


So, what companies are we talking about? Google is best known in this space for its Google Glass which seems to be able to do everything that its wearer wants. In the world of glasses there is also ChipSip from Taiwan which is a company to watch out for. Speaking of watches, Samsung and its smart watch are changing the way you think about managing your time and the need to check what is happening on your mobile device. There is also Withings with its Pulse which is great for its usable fitness information.

Garmin, Suunto and Pebble are also doing battle for your wrist. Garmin is best known for its GPS enabled devices. Suunto is making a mark for itself in sports watches. Pebble is, easily, the forerunner when it comes to wrist wearables. Wrist wearables are not just about watches alone. Names such as Adidas, Jawbone and Misfit are coming up with some interesting cuffs or bands that can be worn around your wrist. Running smart is easy with Adidas’s wristband. Jawbone promises to be interesting in its predictive capabilities and Misfit is putting itself smartly into the medico-health sector.


So you see, its not just Google and Samsung and Nike out there! Pick one kind of wearable tech and one part of your body that you want it on and you will get to choose from a rather large smorgasbord of brands – big and small. Considering that it is going to be at least a $8.36 billion market by the year 2018, you can bet your bottom dollar that more and more names are going to vie for featuring in the who’s who list here.


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