Kinds of Wearable Technology

Wearing a designer label is a mighty interesting thing to do! Depending on what kind of style you like, you can choose from a huge list of big names. No, I am not going to even attempt naming some of them because I think I like them all! So it is with great interest that I note that quite a few of these designer labels are getting into wearable tech! Oh well, why not? After all, Google Glass, Oculus Rift and Jawbone (among many others) may just well be “the new black”.

For the technical theist, there is a pantheon of wearable tech. Clothes that can be worn on almost any part of your body, wristbands or watches, jewelry of various kinds, eyelashes, fingernails, earphones, glasses, footwear, accessories and even implants – these are just some of the ways in which you can wear your technology. So the next time you’re trying to put together the perfect wardrobe, you might want to consider a sports bra for heart rate monitoring, catalytic clothing that will make you eco-friendly or even biocouture which gives au naturel a fabulous new dimension.

Brian Krzanich, Intel Corporation, Code Conference

Wearable technology is perhaps going to be most actively fought in terms of wrist warfare. There are watches and bands that are going to help you monitor what is happening on your smartphone and keep track of your vitals as well. Names such as Pebble, Samsung, Withings and Jawbone are pretty big in this domain. Fitness devices such as Nike FuelBand and FitBit are also pretty big hits here. Depending on what you want to do with the device on your wrist, you can look for a smart watch or a fitness monitoring device.


Earphones, backpacks, eyeglasses, contact lenses, anklets, smart socks and even belts are some of the accessories to the fact that wearable technology is the way of the future. Imagine wearing a jacket that not only holds your electronics but charges them as well. Or maybe you’d like a helmet that comes with a built-in navigation system? Finger rings studded with sapphires? Oh how passé! Get yourself a ring that has Bluetooth instead!

All these devices, clothes and much, much more are doing the rounds even as we speak. Technology events and shows are talking about some amazing wearable technology that has taken extraordinary shapes and forms. Designers and scientists are coming together to give you technology that will make you feel and look good! Makes you wonder about the number of things you may have to list out when someone asks you what kind of technology you are wearing today!


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