The EcoSystem of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is not a standalone entity as we are seeing. In fact, just a while earlier, we had talked about the trends and ideas that wearable technology will bring along. While some of these trends impact wearable technology and vice versa directly, there will certainly be a rise in other – non-directly related, can we say – devices and technologies in the ecosystem at a macrocosmic level too. Here’s taking a look at some of them.


Wearable apparel is a hugely interesting field these days. Whether it is the use of illumination or fabric embedded with sensors, apparels are going to be fashionable in more ways than one. Here, wearable technology is probably going to push electronics manufacturers into making laundry machines which can take care of such “advanced” fabrics or clothes. Which also means special detergent powders too!

Batteries need to get thinner and way more advanced. This could mean flexible batteries and batteries that get charged in very different ways – ambient charging for example. Batteries may also be printed, rather successfully, with your 3D printer. Now that gives a unique charge to the milieu around wearable technology! In fact, technology may also tap into new sources of energy. At some point of time, therefore, your body heat will be able to charge your wearable technology gadgets.


Airports and other public places which rely on body scanners would also have to cater to the people walking around with wearable technology implants. Wearable technology can be implanted in one’s brain too and one would not really want a scanner’s electromagnetic field interfering with that implant now! Of course, this new generation of scanners will also have to be deployed in the health sector too.

There are plenty of developments that can come into play as far as the world of wearable technology is concerned. Take a look at what Google has done with an OS designed for wearable technology and you will know the extent to which wearables can influence other tech companies and businesses! A new “planet” of wearable technology – now that would be interesting to see isn’t it?


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