What Is The Tech in Wearable Tech?

Confession time – I am not a techie in the true sense of the term. You know – formal education and all that. But what I lack in terms of degrees I try and make up for with indefatigable curiosity. So I was curious about what goes into the Technology of Wearable Technology. I know that my smart watch syncs with my smart phone. My fitness band tells me what my body is up to and a Google Glass gives me super rich information about the world around me. But what makes them go?


There is an ocean of technology out there. Here are the few major ones:

GPS– Global Positioning System works to provide time and location data. This technology can be found in cell phones of course but in the world of Wearable Technology, even shoes can come fitted with GPS.

RFID– Radio Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to collect and transmit data. One of the instances where it finds its way in wearable technology is in trackingathletes. Well, Disney is using RFID in very different ways too.

Haptics– the word itself means ‘touch’ and in the world of wearable technology, haptics is all about using some form of mechanical stimulations to help the wearer. This could be used to get directions, change the way you interact with the world and even make urban biking comfortable.


Light– in many, many forms, light is making the world of wearable technology even brighter (forgive the pun!). Scattered light can help monitor glucose levels in the body. LED is embellishing many a dress or clothing piece and even fingernails.

Nano power– carbon nanotubes and nanotechnology and nanowires are all about unbelievably small sizes. A carbon nanotube is all about carbon molecules and is being used in batteries, among other things. Nanowires can come in gold and silver too.

HUD– Head up display or heads up display is changing the way people see data. You do not have to look down at your wrist or smart phone with a HUD wearable technology device. There are many other devices and Oakley is doing some amazing things with HUD too.

It is not just about the physical technology alone. Cloud computing and virtualization are going to be huge support systems for wearable technology. Cloud computing uses the power of internet to deliver almost all services which otherwise would need hardware and software. Computing at an atomic level will play a huge role in wearable technology. The cloud will also be a repository for information of all kinds which wearables can download. Apps – which will be the key differentiator for wearables will also be cloud powered.

Of course, there is plenty more technology unfolding every day and it is going to be pretty exciting to watch it all surround the space we occupy!



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