Techno Life!

Is Technology also going to be a part of our lives 24×7? It does seem like it if you were to take a look at the wonderful world of wearable technology today. Almost every part of the human body can be draped in or encased by some kind of cutting-edge technology. Whether it is Google Glass or other smart glasses for your eyes or smart solutions for your feet, you could find some form of wearable technology to enhance your life. But, will it be limited to certain duration of time everyday? Or is mankind going to lead the life technological through every minute of every day?

It does give me a lot of food for thought because of the availability of an immense argosy of devices and gadgets that seem to float everywhere. Thus, you may easily find yourself walking through a lattice of wireless signals in the morning and then sleeping supported by a trellis of technology once again! So, even as you walk around with your fitness tracking device in the morning, maybe you will turn to the Aurora Headband in the night so it’s truly is a time of sweet dreams!


Wearable technology can also be part of your life in ‘non-wearable’ ways. For instance, your life with Nest thermostat can become eco-friendly and help you save on your power bills as well. Obviously, such technology will spend the entire day and year with you! Learning from your schedules and being controllable through your smart phone – just some of the ways in which a simple thermostat can become an integral part of your family.

Another instance in which technology is going to become hugely entertaining is apparent in LG’s roll up screen. This company has come up with an 18 inch flexible OLED panel. So, you can simply roll up your TV screen and take it along with you wherever you go! Why get frustrated watching your favorite shows on a less than perfect TV! Again, you’ll probably never leave home without your shoes right? So why not opt for smart shoes instead? They tell you exactly where you should go!


Life can be made healthier, more productive and richer in so many ways with wearable technology. So it does make a lot of sense to include it in our lives. There is plenty more to come in this domain and so many more product forms to be created too. So, yes, living the life technological is going to take on even more diverse dimensions than what we are seeing today.


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