Managing Personal Space

Wait! Do not turn away because you think this is going to be a chat on something connected to body language. On the contrary, I’m going to talk about wearable technology and wonder at the immense possibilities it holds for enhancing personal space. In fact, it will play a huge role on much larger platforms too. I love the world of wearable technology and believe that there is plenty of potential here for even more amazing events to unfold.

One will have to be more aware of managing personal devices such as smart watches, smart clothing, wearable wrist bands and so on but there can be little doubt that it will all add up to a more ‘intelligent’ interaction with life at large. Take for instance, the days when the cellphone was the size of a flip-flop. It was an exciting thing to own but rather clunky to hold. Today, you can simply do an elegant turn of your wrist and find out who has contacted you!


It is also interesting for me that technology seems to be coming into closer and closer contact with the human body. Literally and figuratively! There are skin implants, jackets that you have to wear, wrist bands of various kinds and so on. It could even take on the form of additional limbs and digits! It is not always going to be a device like a cell phone that functions “away” from your body as well. Wearable technology is very much here and now so why not bring it closer to your body, mind and soul?

Wearable technology is something that can be worn like clothes, sported on your forehead, strapped around your wrist, carried like an accessory- handbag or backpack or glasses and even put on like footwear. Only the most “technological” of us is going to sport a device in each category all at the same time! But even if I wear just a couple of devices, managing personal space is going to be an interesting exercise. It simply means more sources of information with potentially expensive devices. With the deliverable being – a more meaningful and richer experience of life.

Among the many challenges of a future that seems to be indubitably shaping up to be one of wearable technology, lies the management of personal space. Well, maybe a smart backpack or a jacket to carry all our smart gadgets and wearable technology will be de rigueur rather soon. And that again, will live pretty close to the human body!



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