Internet of People – New Connections!

When David Gilmour sings, nobody can ever be comfortably numb now isn’t it? To be part of the audience when Gilmour is singing would be like wrapping fine quality silk around your senses. But not all of us are that lucky and some of us simply end up wishing we were there – part of the audience. But what if the world of wearable technology could help me listen to him? By some process, could an earphone and little wearable synthesizer be programmed to create the voices and music of all our favorite singers? Well, if the reproduction was 100% faithful to the original, then why not?



More importantly, would it mean a loss of connectedness and human interface? Now, that is a tricky question indeed. People talk about being alone despite having innumerable ways to connect with each other. I cannot convincingly argue against this because I see it all around me. People immersed in technology may often overlook the simple pleasure of conversation with fellow commuters, discovering interesting sites and even the pleasure of reading a book the good old fashioned way. But equally strongly, the case for wearable technology must be made.

Wearable technology will always be about tactile and sensory inputs. As intriguing as news about robotic fans is, it does give a chance to people to be in the audience at a game right? Would that not be better than missing it altogether? Yes, this is a matter of personal opinion of course! Man-machine interaction is also going to be an area where things will be more tactile, interactive and, dare I say it, emotional?



The tactile interface is one of the most important inputs for wearable technology. We touch our smartphones. We swipe the surfaces of our tech devices and we use the information to connect better. There is plenty of talk about the Internet of Things but it can be the Internet of People.

Would this be a choice that one makes? Yes, indubitably, yes. After all, wearable technology can be used to improve your health parameters. It can help you get fitter and it can give you more information to enhance life at so many levels. But would you like to live an online life all the time? That, my friend is something that only you can answer.


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