Future of Wearable Technology

One thing we can all agree upon is the world of wearable technology is in a state of flux. Massively interesting, even intriguing, things are happening every day. In the social context, yes, wearable technology can be talked about endlessly – pros, cons and everything in between. But in the ‘technological’ context there is irrefutable proof that wearable technology is marching on with determination and mankind is going to be beset with some massive trends. What does the future hold? Ah,how delightfully interesting the answers are!

I believe that wearable technology is going to be everywhere. Well, it already is and it is just going to be more ubiquitous. Doctors, law enforcement, pilots, common people, rescue personnel, academicians, government, businessmen – everybody is going to use wearable technology to make both – a better living and a better contribution to society as well. Can we think of a time when bandages would come entrenched with the right medication for an individual? Then all one has to do is wear this bandage and the embedded sensors would deliver the right dosage of medicines? Wearable technology is also going to be all about bespoke MMI or man machine interface.


Such man machine interface will also see wearable technology becoming all about aesthetics and design considerations. This would also encompass designing technology for ‘more serious’ purposes. For instance, one could simply print out a prosthetic for use. It could also mean a well-tailored jacket which has been enriched by RFID chips and biometric sensors. It would fit an individual comfortably and display all vitals – BP, blood glucose levels, heart rate, HB count – all without a blood test.

Man machine interface is also likely to see the growing acceptance of embedded technology. Perhaps the case of Tim Cannon will become more common? Yes, yes, of course the devices are going to get smaller and easier to implant. 3D printing should become even more sophisticated and versatile. You could print out such implantable devices or even accessories and clothes that are all about enhancement of personal life. Hmmm, maybe such smart technology will also be capable of being charged with human movement. Something like an automatic watch!


Wearable technology may also blur the lines between physical, emotional and mental realms. One could control smart watches, wrist bands and head bands by simply focusing one’s thoughts or emotions on the gadget. It is also possible that there will be a delinking of devices. For example, right now, a smart watch is pretty much perceived as a microcosm of a smart phone. In the future maybe a smart watch would be able to do many more tasks and independently at that.

Finally, the future of wearable technology is also going to be about more and more convenience. Wristbands are popular because they only need to be strapped around your wrist and not carried in your pocket separately! So perhaps the future may also bring a small implant that you can fix to your body and with gesture or thought control, you could project all desired information on a display in front of your eyes.


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