What Wearable Technology Should You Choose?

Yes, I am starting with the assumption that you have succumbed to the wild, wild world of wearable technology! And if your senses have been bombarded with an immense amount of information on wearable technology, here is our simple guide to deciphering it all. There are major players here and the debate rages about aesthetics, design considerations, the future of mankind, technology, reliability of this technology and so on. But, we must start at the very beginning and first figure out what are the kinds of wearable tech that are floating around right now.

To make it simple, we could think of wearable Tech as sorted across the following categories:

• Fitness

• Lifestyle

• Medical

• Commercial and

• Military use.

Your fitness levels can get a major boost thanks to wearable Tech which are essentially activity monitors. You can get your heartbeat, sleep, calorie count and other indicators of fitness and wellness measured with various kinds of devices such as Fitbit and Athos. Inbuilt accelerometers do the trick here. It is not just wrist bands that are doing the rounds here but also things like socks and anklets.



Perhaps everything is a lifestyle gadget when it comes to wearable Tech but anything that allows you to get access to better entertainment and information is massively useful! Think Google Glass and the many smart watches doing the rounds and you will know what I mean. Things like electronic clothing are becoming almost instantly interesting! Wearable technology; generally speaking; is really all about fitness and lifestyle.

But, it is not only about entertainment because wearable technology is also finding plenty of applications in medical, commercial and military areas. Take the socks that can be worn by people – especially diabetics. The potential in this field is immense and it is seeing a lot of interest from venture capitalists as was evident in the digital SXSW conference in Austin.

Commercial applications of wearable tech, thanks to ubiquitous computing, are allowing business organizations to tap into health insurance and life insurance programs. Fitbug is a device offered by Pru Health and allows people to enjoy better health and share information for more incentive too. The military is a niche market for wearable technology. It would also be obvious that countries with more defense budgets will be the ones leading the march of the wearable (tech) warrior. It is all about net centric warfare.


The digital future awaits, ladies and gentlemen. It has come upon us in sizeable chunks and fragments and we could either go into the light technological kicking and screaming or we could totally rock our way in with smart strategies. Game on!


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