Benefits Of Wearable Tech

Give us this day our daily technology.

For a tech buff, today’s world of wearable technology can be a smorgasbord of delights. As essential as bread and water, technology is part of everyday life in some way or the other. In fact, without technology, life as we know it is probably unimaginable and impossible. From the time that your alarm clock wakes you up, you use technology in many different ways. By extension, wearable technology is only going to make our everyday routine a thing of beauty indeed.

Wearable technology has the potential to do a lot more and is already showing some tremendous benefits and outcomes even as we speak. Take health-care. Brands such as Garmin, Sony and LG made a huge splash at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show this year. Not for watches, televisions, or refrigerators but for health care devices. These devices can be strapped around your wrist, for instance, and can go a long way in helping monitor almost all vitals.



The military, law enforcement and security forces and the medical or health sectors will also be able to deploy the many benefits of wearable technology to great effect. Take for instance the medical or health sector. Whether it is curative or preventive, wearable technology is doing some remarkable things already. Measuring blood glucose levels with contact lens or even streamlining health insurance costs – just some of the things that wearable technology can do very effectively.


Well, in the spirit of being unbiased, one must also talk about glassholes. Do pardon the use of this word but it is being commonly used because one of the fallouts of Google Glass is the fact that it has the potential of isolating its wearer. Incredibly, even an event such as Comic-Con ended up banning Google Glass. But somehow, this seems to limit the immense potential of this device. It is not really only about secretly recording or processing information about somebody else!

There can be little doubt that wearable technology is changing the way people use services such as health care. It is also changing how business organizations conduct themselves and more importantly it is changing the way people live their lives everyday. Of course, there is plenty more to come and this is why wearable technology is an interesting space to keep any eye (via smart glasses?) on.


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